Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bottle Cap Alternative

I have some rollabind discs for sale. These are a great alternative to bottlecaps.

Here are the prices...

Description Size Price Each

Metallic Small .30

Metallic Large .40

Plastic Small .12

Plastic Medium .15

Plastic Large .18

Colors available:

Metallic - Silver, Matte Silver, Bright Silver

Pastel - Lt. blue, Pink, Lavender, White, Aqua

Primary - Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red

Translucent - Clear

Sparkle Translucent - Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange

Sizes: Disc Size Image Size

Small 9/16 3/8

Meduim 3/4 1/2

Large 15/16 3/4

Jumbo (Available in Clear, Red, Navy) 1-1/8 1" image size.

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